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What Motivates Us


Nothing compares to the joy of pairing our Outland Aussies with their loving new families. Founded on a deep-rooted love for these magnificent animals, Outland Aussies is dedicated to producing top-tier puppies, setting a standard not only in Oklahoma but across the nation. As a small family/hobby breeder, we prioritize the well-being of our dogs, never confining them to cages.

Our adult Aussies enjoy ample space to roam and frolic, ensuring they lead fulfilled lives. Each of our puppies receives an exceptional start as a lifelong companion. From hand-whelping to round-the-clock care and affection from birth, we instill confidence, friendliness, and sociability through human imprinting.

We believe in quality over quantity, with only a few select litters per year, allowing us to devote individual attention to each puppy during their crucial early stages of life. Our commitment to our puppies extends far beyond adoption, as we strive to support their adoptive families in fostering the best possible relationship with their new furry family member.

At Outland Aussies, our mission is clear: to breed the very best toy and mini Aussies—well-rounded, outgoing, and driven. We approach breeding with the utmost respect and responsibility, dedicating our time to raising select litters to ensure each puppy receives a head start in life.

For more information or to reserve one of our exceptional fur babies, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to provide all the guidance and support you need.

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