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If you have come to this part our website, we believe you’ve done your due diligence to learn about this amazing breed. Aussies are super intelligent with a highly motivated desire to be given a purpose. Early training is imperative, to lay a base level foundation for helping them create their personality. They are referred to as a, Velcro Dog, this breed becomes your shadow and they dedicate their lives to being around you. This breed needs you to complete them and in return they give you so much more than you could ever imagine!


Our pricing is based on each individual puppy according to several factors including: size, sex, color, markings, eye color, conformation, genetic (health and color) testing, pedigree, and overall quality. On occasion we will place a puppy that has a mismark, or that is a little older, in a pet only home for less. Prices are estimated and are subject to change depending on the seasonal market and supply and demand. Any combination of the above features will cause the prices to vary, but all of our puppies are loved and make wonderful companions. These are our STARTING prices. Merles and small toys will be priced the highest as they are the most in demand. MINI AUSSIES (14-16" TALL, 20-35 LBS) TOY AUSSIES (10-14" TALL, 13-20 LBS) - TRI: $1,500 + ($1,500 - $2000) - BET: $2,000 + ($2,000 - $2,500) - MERLE: $2,500 + ($2,500 - $3000) We cannot and do not guarantee adult size and eye color but will have a pretty good idea. We do not hold/allow selection based off of eye color. Each puppy is reserved for an individual by the order of deposit and/or full payment received for that specific puppy. For this reason, we require deposit/full payment to hold a puppy. Deposit (Non-Refundable) is $350 and is deducted from the total balance.

See Tails and Dewclaws, on the deposit policy and amount for UN-docked tails if allowed to happen. Full balance is due when you take ownership of your puppy.​

~ Outland Aussies reserve the right to take "First Pick" from any of our litters ~​​


Puppies will be allowed to go to their forever homes after 8 weeks


Puppies will be given all necessary age-based vaccinations and de-worming’s before going to their new home. You need to make a veterinarian appointment within 3 days of receiving your puppy. You are expected to follow through with all other necessary shots, de-worming’s, and veterinarian visits with your puppy. These first few months are the most important as they are susceptible to so many things and need you to be their everything.

Heartworm prevention medicine is strongly recommended around the age of 8 – 10 weeks of age. This not only will prevent Heartworm infections, but is used to control typical worms and flea life cycles. During your Vet visit, casually remind or simply ask your Vet about the sensitivities Australian Shepherds have to some medications, including Heartworm meds. Tick & Flea medication is also recommended and you should discuss what options you have, as there as so many products on the market that are ever changing. These pills/treats do add up in cost, but don’t go cheap. You have made an investment of your money and your heart to your Australian Shepherd puppy, make sure you invest in keeping her/him safe and healthy.

We do genetic testing on our adult Furry Babies to ensure that we are improving the breed’s genetics and not duplicating or risking genetic imperfections.


AKC breed standards require that Australian Shepherds have their tails docked. While we are not apposed to leaving them on, we will only do this on a limited basis. If we do allow a puppy to have an UN-docked tail, and you are required to pay in full by the time the puppy is 3 days old. If any event or change of mind causes the puppy to not go home with the family that reserved an UN-docked tail the money will be forfeited, PERIOD!

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